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Pool Skimmer Filter Socks

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These skimmer basket socks are the perfect solutions for your filter system and pool hygiene! 

Protect your pool filter system at the lowest cost

Catch leaves, grass, hair, inanimate scum, oil, pine needles, pollen, bugs, and other debris into the sock to avoid clogging or damaging your expensive filter system and keep your pool clean effortlessly.

High elasticity ultra-fine nylon mesh

Easily fit a variety of different sized skimmer baskets with the wider band and filter any unwanted dirt even small particles.

Easy to use

Just stretched over your pool filter baskets, clean with a garden hose, and reuse or dispose of them when they soiled heavily.


Size: 20 x 10 cm/ 7.8 x 3.9 inches (LW) 

Package Weight: 70g

Material: Durable environmental nylon

What you get:

5/10 X Skimmer socks(Filter basket not included)


1. Each sock can be applied for 3-4 weeks usually with its best effect, please check the sock every week or every day and clean them up or throw them away when they soiled. 

2. Do not use it while dissolving a chlorine tablet in your basket, or it will erode the socks.